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Sochi International Resort, Sochi, Russia.  Part of the development proposal for the winning 2014 Winter Olympics Bid.  Includes an Entertainment / Conference Centre, 5 star hotels, villas, and waterfront attractions.  Designed to be the Olympic Athlete’s Village and Media Centre.   Design themes and story developed from Russian history, folklore, arts and culture.

China Western Movie Group Resort and Theme Park, Xian, China.  A hilly, river-front site with film/TV college and movie backlot, movie theme park, entertainment and sports centres, hotels and private villas.  Movie Theme Park plan and original attractions included in design package.

Ancient Worlds Resort and Theme Park, Dubailand, Dubai.   Development proposal on a triangular site, included an entertainment centre and 4 star hotels themed to fit with the ancient civilizations recreated in the integrated theme park.  High density condominiums part of design.

Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Master Plan.  Retrofit and expansion plans creating a year round destination for entertainment, sports, and agricultural exhibition.  A story-driven design focused on Calgary’s heritage of Rodeo and ranching.  Included hotels and science centre.

Disneyland Development Master Plan.  The initial concept plan that defined the opportunity for expansion of the Disney property to include a 2nd theme park, entertainment centre, additional hotels, and parking and transportation improvements.
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Note:  Jan Sircus was Creative Director for all the Resort projects illustrated.   The Disneyland Resort plan was conceived with Mike Marquez.  Xian, Calgary and Dubailand benefitted from the creative expertise of Eyoub Khan (CDG), Karen Armitage, Cyril Meusy, Graham Smith, and Alen Puaca.  Sochi would not have been the same were it not for Alan Endall and Nettie Hew (Endall-Elliot), Karen Armitage, Eyoub Khan (CDG), Biren Venkatraman and Scott McCullough (Lightroom).  Other creative contributors to Xian included Richard Ford (Producer) and Jefferson Eliot.
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