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   Zoo Park
      Hong Kong
China Western Movie Theme Park, Xian, China.   Concept design for a regional movie park with attractions based on the films and TV properties of the China Western Movie Group.  Includes a back lot tour of a working studio and associated film school.

Westcot, Anaheim, California, USA.  Concept design for a West coast version of Disney’s EPCOT that depicts world cultures and the evolution of civilization, with major pavilion attractions presenting mankind, science, technology, and the natural environment.

The Ancient Worlds, Dubailand, Dubai.  Concept design for an educational theme park depicting the social and cultural worlds of key ancient civilizations, including Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, and China. 

Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort, Abu Dhabi, UAE.   An 800 hectare development, including hotel and residential components, AWPR is divided into several distinct world desert zoos, safari experiences, a botanical oasis and children’s zone, and a conservation and breeding centre.  

Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong.   A new interpretation of the classic ‘Magic Kingdom’, based on the traditional Disneyland park layout and incorporating attractions from various Disney Magic Kingdom parks and other Disney parks such as Animal Kingdom and the Disney/MGM Studios.

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Note:  Jan Sircus was Creative Concept Director for the China Western Movie Theme Park and the Ancient Worlds Park, and was Creative DIrector (for AldrichPears) for the site wide interpretive elements of the Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort (AWPR) in Abu Dhabi (excluding the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre).   Jan was Co-Creative Director and Exec.Producer for Disney Studios, and a lead designer for DisneySeas and Westcot.  These were major projects and it’s impossible to mention all the exceptional creative talent that contributed.  My apologies to those I may have overlooked.  Some of the key WDI figures were Tony Baxter, leading both Disney Seas and Westcot;  Doris Woodward was Producer, and Karen Armitage and Ahmad Jafari, principal designers on Seas, Westcot, and Hong Kong;  Bobby Brooks, Steve Tatham, John Kavelin, Eyoub Khan and Ruben Viramontes were also on the team.  My creative partner on Disney Studios was Tom Morris, while Eli Erlandson added much to the facilities architecture and Tom Fitzgerald and John Solomon led the TPP team.  The China Western Park was done with Cyril Meusy, Alen Puaca, RIchard Ford, Karen Armitage, Eyoub Khan, Jefferson Eliot, Graham Smith, and Carolynne Ciceri.  The Ancient Worlds team included Cyril Meusy, Alen Puaca, Graham Smith, and Carolynne Ciceri.  The Al Ain team included Naomi Grattan, Lisa McIntosh, Fiona Pook, Brian Bazett, and Kate Daley.