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Disney Store, 5th Ave, New York, USA.   Disney branded flagship store, retrofit of neo-classical bank building to become the characters’ in-town ‘mansion’, complete with garden, games room, and villains’ attic.   It includes an interactive show with the smallest animatronic figure ever made.

DisneyQuest, Downtown Disney, Florida, USA.   A themed, multi level, high-tech, VR arcade and mini attractions entertainment centre.  DisneyQuest includes game zones designed to appeal to a broad range of market demographics.  It was the recipient of the TEA award in 1999 for best Entertainment Centre.

Walt Disney Gallery, Anaheim, California, USA.  A one of a kind retail store, specialising in unique and artistic Disney products.  The interior design is an abstract, whimsical  interpretation of many Disney icons and movie references.  It includes original media displays.

Club Disney, Thousand Oaks, California, USA.  The Disney-themed, prototype design for a series of interactive children’s play centres.  Design based on archetypal story-telling places and child development needs, which enabled simple redressing to fit new story product.

Disney Store, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.   Disney branded flagship store within Ceasar’s Mall.  A whimsical design, depicting the characters and place as a Roman forum, complete with a ‘Trajan’s Column’ of Disney animated movies.  

LBE =  Location Based Entertainment
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Note:  Jan Sircus was Creative Director for all the LBE & Retail projects illustrated except DisneyQuest, where he was Co-Concept Director.  The core WDI Creative team for the flagship Disney stores and Club Disney included lead designers Bobby Brooks, Tom Figgins, and Stuart Bailey, with Terri Andrade, Ed Roberts, Larry Nikolai, Julie Svendsen, and Paula Dinkel, to name a few.  DisneyQuest was conceived with Tom Morris and Joe DiNunzio, and conceptually developed by Joe DiNunzio with Larry Gertz and Joe Garlington et al.
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