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Canada Pavilion, Expo 2005, Aichi, Japan.  Exterior and interior design of Canada’s theme pavilion celebrating ‘The Wisdom of Diversity’.  A 3-Act immersive/interactive media experience portraying the varied Geo-Bio spheres and Ethno spheres of Canada.  The most visited international pavilion of the Expo, receiving 3.5 million guests.

Port of Vancouver Visitor Centre, Vancouver, Canada.    Themed interior design and media exhibit presenting the Ports business and activities to the public and to visitors of the Port offices.

Concept, Summer Olympics 2008, Beijing, China.   Competition design for exterior and interior of a temporary, multi-level pavilion within an existing facility.   Walk-through media show in 2 Acts, plus interactive exhibits.

Vancouver House - City Pavilion, 2010 Winter Olympic Games, Vancouver, Canada.   Design concept for the Pavilion’s original program and location at the Vancouver City Library.  Conceived as a media-driven, immersive and interactive visitor experience promoting the creative and cultural uniqueness of the city.

Britannia Beach MineMuseum, Visitor Centre, BC, Canada.   Concept design for a new visitor centre exhibit that previews and provides a context for the variety of historic experiences and artefacts at the Mine Museum.
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Note:  Jan Sircus was Creative Director for all the Attraction projects illustrated except Expo 2005, where he was Co-Creative Director along with Paul Saint-Jean (Lambert) and Stacey Spiegel (I-mmersion).  Cyril Meusy was a key creative asset in visualising and modelling Torino, Aichi, and POV.  Biren Venkatraman (Lightroom) did the same for Shanghai and Beijing.  Roger Bayley (Merrick Architects) collaborated on the Aichi ‘Maple Leaf’ structure, and led the architectural team on Expo.  Eric Cyr of XYZ-TC led the superb show production teams on Aichi and Torino.  Other key creative contributors included: Lisa Doyle, Graham Smith, Carolynne Ciceri, Chad McCallum, Alen Puaca, Alan Endall (Endall-Elliot), and Brian Gale (NYX).  Shawn August (Eos) was a key creative partner on the Vancouver Pavilion, as was Paul Runnals (BrandLive).  Jan worked with Phil Aldrich (APA) to create the concept design for the Britannia Beach Mine Museum expansion project. The design was done in conjunction with David Jensen Associates and TRB Architects.  All these creative collaborators brought their own unique insights and ideas that made each project better.