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Centre Pompidou, Paris, France.   Exterior glazing and fire-proof skin design for this landmark Cultural Centre and Art Gallery.  Also, exterior skin and specialized acoustics interiors design of labs and studios for IRCAM, the Boulez ‘Institute for the Coordination of Acoustics and Music’. 

Corporate Pavilion, Expo 2010, Shanghai, China.  Exterior shell and interior show spaces, designed to reflect the high-tech, future-thinking innovation of a global transportation client.  Designed to function in one of several possible site locations.

Animation Centre, Qindao, China.  Iconic concept design for offices, animation studios, learning facilities, and retail entertainment complex on a narrow urban site in the coastal resort of Qindao.

Expo Pavilion.   Concept design for major theme pavilion dealing with the topic of mankind within a fragile ecosystem.  Includes people-mover ride, theme show, and exhibition area.

Retail Mall, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  A retail entertainment design for a high-end, brand-centric mall in a competitive market.  Design included several themed attractions for children, families, and teens.
Note:  Jan Sircus was the Concept Architect for all the projects illustrated except the Centre Pompidou, where he was a member of the Piano + Rogers architectural design team.  Cyril Meusy added his creative skills to both Expo Pavilions and the Retail Mall, and Biren Venkatraman ably assisted on the Animation Centre.  Sircus’ work on the Pompidou was primarily assisting Eric Holt on the design of the exterior glazed skin and Mike Davies on the design of IRCAM.
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