Story creates order out of chaos.  Story provides a means to share experiences, relate to one another, and create memories.  It is a way to heighten awareness, create drama, and stimulate learning. Story has structure, theme, style, and purpose, which organizes and informs, imparting meaning through a sequential unfolding of context and content. Story is also an essential factor in creating an emotional engagement with our surroundings. Story Places result from storytelling and applying storytelling principles in the creation of the physical environment.     - Jan Sircus

       Invented Places:           Urban Design Reader
       This article  was published in the ‘Urban Design Reader’, edited by Matthew Carmona & Steve 
       Tiesdell, 2007  -  The Architectural Press, Oxford, UK.  It may not be published in any way without 
       the prior written approval of the author.   Thank you - JS.   
      Narrative Design:          ND Interview
      An interview with Stephen E. Dinehart about story in theme design and its relevance to new media.

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